A Modern Way Of Living.Sketch.

The roar as the bus goes by too close and you realise things just got a little loose.

It’s ten am and your lying in your bed and you hear the roar outside and see someone else waver on the edge of disaster.

Nothing serious but one time…

Perhaps toast and butter and blackberry jam with a cup of tea will help you see it is in fact, a beautiful day outside.

The Pictures on the screen tell a story unfolding without words or music. You wonder at the mind and how they do it.

Little feet greet you at the door and wonder gives way to grief. How soon will it be for your aunt or grandmother or even mother?

The pictures display things you find interesting and the frames are great. You will definitely add to them soon from Magazine in another room. It’s feeding into people’s avarice this publishing online but then you think it’s lifting their gloom.

A phone call from you brother. A letter from your lover. A postcard from Dad. A book from your grandad. A toy from your sister or friend. A teddy from your mother.

Your diary on the dressing table untouched since the last time you cried.

Flavoured tea in the kitchen with china cups and teapot given by a friend into fine dining.

Wooden floors with reclaimed doors and furnishings: a modern way of living.

A list of things to do: Do shopping , write book, Go on holiday SOON!

Some CD collection. Some books to look through and read. Clothes draped over a chair.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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