Ice in my veins, Ice In my room

It seems I can’t escape its icy gloom.

Ices reach is legendary even reaching me in my sleep

Then sticking me to bed like so much frozen fish 

It waits for me to relax then takes haste upon me

Fixing me with its white stare.


It’s probably out there now hiding behind a bush, a cloud or even a snowflake

Which is all the cold I care for. Ice isn’t nice at all. With ice inside it soon renders immobile that which can make us virile and passionate, free of heart and reckless. In short it ruins everything good.

That said there are times when my temper has been boiling when the ice is rising that icicles come out of my ears and all activity freezes but a solution comes to me when everything else is Frozen.

This is when I miss a womans touch or voice.


Melt me heavenly being, melt me and keep me there if you know how.




Ice has crept up when we were feeling scared and took a hold. Ice comes at you when you want to be bold. Ice flows retract from heat. Ice flows know no beat. Ice isn’t hard to beat.

ice demands more thought. I will continue…maybe soon e.g. tomorrow or maybe later.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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