Feu de Glace

If I were a Jet Plane I would fly you to the stars and if you’d already seen that I would fly on to Mars.

And reveal the craters of
Écran bleu where ice dew gathers on the edge of sheer cliffs;

I would traverse the gorges of
Tapis traité and fly blind through under the bridges of Feu de Glace until we were in the core;

There is too much to see, too much to do in an hour.

The sky is ours until noon when satellite forecast predicts grey clouds will swarm into a hurricane heading due East 76 degrees Altitude high. Wind Speed 112 M.p.h Lets get in below and watch. Get the camera ready this will be spectacular.

10:00am Out of hurricane. We got snaps and are heading down to Mexico for a beer. The landing gear has been playing up. Time for a crash landing lesson. Happy days!.
11:00 mid-air refuelling with AC-17 somewhere over Baja California.
11:05 Rocket test and combat with Chinese overfly. Buzzed him back to China!
11:06 Text. Love Is In The AIR xx. Whooooa! Yeah!
11:07 Engage Afterburners. Heading home to see Cathy. CU Soon.x

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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