In My Lonely Room

I am dreaming of you

I am dreaming of you

And the places we shall go

And all the time I know I am too old

I am too old

and too weak

read too strong

not long for this world

addicted to thrills

scared of the young

scared of my room

scared of my music

scared of the world

and people’s impressions

and hearing voices through the walls

it’s not fun being me

Why did I accumulate all this shit

What does it mean to have zones in my room

It was my dream and now I have it and the scars are still raw

see I know it was folly to built Pierrots tower

but I have it on good authority that you live then you die

so what choice did I have than to make the dream mine

before I get the price of admission back and a ticket to hell.

And I’m scared of what I will say and the hole I will dig

before me that’s like SO big. Its like I can only communicate in code

and that code is ENGLISH. So get with the language cons.

It’s no secret that this world is large and complicated but we can take

it and break it down into money sized pieces if we want money. Its all I know. I am sad. Apart from money I am a con.

So now I feel stupid for not breaking the ties that have bound me to home and family for so long. But it’s not like that. It’s hard to explain. Imagine you are living multiple lives and all the lives end except one. now you have to do everything you want through one person. Hell. And people will not let you be. So you adapt. And overcome.




Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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