PC Rollout

Mountain of boxes, Sheaf of Paperwork
Empty Desks, Seats parked like Mercs,
Safety blade in packet makes short work of boxes
Polystyrene padding runs chills down your spine
Got to get the job finished on time.
Ripping, running tests and reports
Moving and Shaking and Poetry making
All lined up like battleships
The New PC’s ready for action and testing.
Ghost the drives and fit expansions bar code readers
thumbprint access is standard for banks, built like tanks
and laptop programmes hide more than they show to potential customers
these machines are built to extract money from us
but that’s not our business and we process them like fresh peas
Frozen ready for first use sometime soon.
The money here in this room outside poverty and doom
Asian faces, wearing glasses, passes the time being a sadist
Passes time being a sadist.


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