Are We All Born With Blue Eyes?

Blue/true eyes/blue sky/blue




When we are young we know.

It’s only when older we grow.

that things become relative and relatively true.


And the water is muddied by appeals to your better senses

and hence develops a fear of your natural ego.

And there are industries that have developed to profit and show you the way.

Guided by guiding principles and a diagram or two.

Other worries include being labelled a religious zealot

for believing something simple like a child.

If it’s true then it needs to include a flawed you and then it’s true.

If it’s green then it flies , if it’s blue then pity poor old you.


Never was an unhappy child happy then when you spent time with him.

Never was a solution begging then when time wasn’t given

It’s a lonely path when we choose to be alone but there’s

the answer is togetherness while alone and provides the solution.


The Internet’s providing half the cure but the other comes

from time spent with each other as sister and brother and not a little charm.



From seeds does greatness grow. Let it be with love too.

and one day you will be in a forest of mangroves don’t you know.

And you problems will seem lost in a mist despite your shouting.


This is knowing it has all gone wrong and nobody likes to be reminded

that it’s hopeless so they choose to be alone.


And it’s like being a child again only this time, it’s time you ponder as your doubts grow

and you know it’s never going to improve.

Unless you see again as a child when blue was blue and love was true.

It’s all you will ever really know to be real so hope you feel the same way when you meet the love of your life and they ask you how you feel.


And you can truthfully say I see you and you are my world.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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