Are We All Born Blind?

If we can see then is twenty/twenty vision all the way

when we are born and virgin seekers, do we see the world in a different way?

The focus shifts inwards as we are let down and disappointed in reality ironically the truth is that we look further out for the things we need closest to home like a loving kiss or a hand to hold. Where is our god when loneliness visits us in the dead of night or during the day?

I am not impressed by the new and whizzy candelabras on show. Everything’s got a glow. And if you’re smart you’ll know it isn’t on the outside. Sure you can let it show. But Inside doesn’t matter when you’re part of the show. Narcissism meets introverts melancholy gaze. And says Do you wanna get out of here?

Sure there’s a God (marvel at his ways)

And when we wanted to be alone we would say ‘I don’t want to go out today’.

And it’s on, on with the fight where shadow aeroplanes come and visit in the night and fire their cannons true right into the heart of you. When they are gone and I’m there shattered and bleeding. I Shout I conquered you many moons ago. But they come back night after night after night after night.

It’s my cross to bear some loneliness at night at least until I get it right.


Talking about right. That’s what I do you know. I write.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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