Watching the escalator

It’s funny when if you hold onto the rails you can move without your feet touching the ground. If this feeling is familiar then you could be in the same zone as me. One minute putting on a pair of socks the next hopping counties on a mission to find that perfect leather jacket you saw on holiday.

As far as a journal goes there is nothing much to report except the usual rounds of hopes raised then long disappointments, frustrations etc.

Yesterday I listened to George Harrison song ‘I got my mind set on you’ This is how it is with my jacket.

Still it could be worst yet. I could be homeless without haggis. I bought a haggis the other day and am looking forward to mince spicy goodness with some mashed potato and gravy. My body clock is still on Winter for some reason so this should go down well.

My brother is out of ICU and is being fed through  his bowel. This is a step forward towards eventual recovery from surgery to remove his stomach after a cancer removal gone wrong. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his loved ones.

The decorators who were supposed to come and paint my walls yesterday did not turn up today either and it seems the whole thing was a mistake. A quote is now in the offing for  the work to be completed. It’s long overdue.

I am listening to Weezer and contemplating a creative void in which I type this journal all that I seem capable of right in the moment.

My mother and Step Father go on holiday to Serbia tomorrow and then on to Greece to see my poorly brother afterwards for three days.

There is a party in August to celebrate my Dads 75th. Should  be good times.

My surf jumper trousers and trainers are missing a vital black leather jacket component. Can this be rectified? Stay tuned for more on

A poem by one of the greats you can find on the road that is the internet. This road of life will carry you forward in times of strife. When all hope seems lost a click and a google and what have you and you are in new territory which was updated fifteen minutes ago. Whether this is Orwell’s vision of Hell is up to you. There are ways of securing your journey. Antivirus is the condom of the digital age. Shame is, If your computer was being hacked you would not know about it. Cyber warfare can bring government computers to their knees. How difficult would it be for someone to hack into your broadband and look at your emails? If you are panicking don’t worry it will be over before long. If you accept that nothing is secure then at least you will not be neurotic! Accept that the government already has the ability to monitor your telephone calls and mobile communications and think of your home PC as part of that setup. Its sad but true but GCHQ could be looking for keywords now as you type and running algorithms on your letter to a friend you are typing on your computer. This snooping is essential to tracking terrorist cells and nipping extremism in the bud. Its a shady world Cyber-security and the more you dig the murkier the waters.

Still tomorrow is Haggis Saturday! I might even dip into the bowels of the freezer and rustle up some ice cream for afters. Now where did I leave that cup of coffee?



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