Back In The Schoolyard

I have pictures on my wall, nerdcore rock on the music player and there are schoolgirls outside my window. Where Am I?

You might be forgiven for your assumptions if they included such answers as school, skate park, racing track, or my bedroom.

I however, feel more comfortable with my nerdcore than with more traditional rock (you know what I mean). Why Am I telling  you? Well because there was only ever soft rock in my life at one point, then there was indie hard rock and I thought I had found the ‘sound’, then there was hard-hard rock, and again I thought I had found ‘the sound’; then along came art rock and black metal and the ‘Sound’ was found again only to be discarded later. And now after thirty years of rock in my life there is self-proclaimed nerdcore rock which I feel simultaneously happy and unhappy with. The serious me says ‘No Way Jose’ and sticks up two fingers while staring moodily at a Lez Zeppelin Lyrics and Chords Song book. The other more childish me relishes the pop references to cartoons , famous nerd movies and simple childlike humour rhyme and alliteration, cheesy sound effects and comic humour. The tunes are catchy and the beats upbeat. There is heavy guitar thumping bass and hi hat strong vocals and harmonies too! What’s not to like?

Here are some tunes to try. Do Re Mi So Fa La Ti Do

So Re Mi To Di Lo Fa La La La La!

Only kidding.

Fender Stratocaster! Yeah

Gibson Bass Yeah!

Yamaha Drumkit Ya!

Midi step keyboard! OK!

Music Maker 2016 Music Studio Software YES YES YES!


Cow HORNS dudes!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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