A Time Capsule Is What I Found.

I name it after the experienced the sound

Of fifteen ears ago through ears that have not aged a day

sonically. How can this be? I only travelled through time

not into another body? My hands feel younger too

and my mind. Sonic youth I have named it. I feel optimism.

I feel hope. Love. It cannot end. It will not end. I will see to that.

Maybe the novelty will wear off. Maybe I will try another time zone.

but I can’t see why I should try. Snow. Snow.Snow.

I wasn’t even trying. How can that be a lie?

Anyway I have seen things, now I know and fill in gaps from the future.

I cannot last. My folly has already toppled me down. Around.Around.

Fallen.Falling.Death is not calling. How can I still be falling?

Weren’t the Nineties rough and tough? And the Noughties Nice?

And the Tens will be sexy and bright or shy and unseen depending on the time.

I am a snowflake and I am lost. Did I perhaps think that a vacuum would save me? It must have been a big thing in the Fifties. Vacuums. Suction machines. Dust removal apparatus.

wtf.Blow me. Knock me down with a feather will ya!




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