Somwhere between Bandstand and SomeWhere Else

Not Sith,Not Biff

Not Marty, Not Han Solo

I’m not sure where I fit in

If there was an advert

I suppose I had my Leia

Or my Marge Simpson

In times before I turned to

words to fill my page.

Coronation Street is a place to meet

Eastenders somewhere to go on a bender

Toytown has now gone brown a redeveloped

and the kids have their own channels

It’s not like when i was young and I had to amuse myself

Why didn’t I grow up and take a wife?

Everybody Shrug

Everybody shrug

You don’t know

and I don’t care any longer.

I met a girl or two before and we got engaged

and we shared ourselves all around

but it had no energy. ‘Failure to launch’

could be my epitaph.

Still I have a virtual old time

making and inspiring rhyme

in a little factory unit. Oh No I lost that.

Oh well! I still have a laptop.

And somewhere warm and dry to type

Bloody hell This could turn blue

I could fill each page with

epithets old and new.

But you wouldn’t, wouldn’t

have a clue. Because as I have

said before. I am me and you

are you and try as you might

you won’t ever understand

how I feel when I look at a

bandstand. Poem idea for the future

I inspired myself. It has not been

a wasted day after all. Well all

that remains is to say thankyou

for coming and have a nice day.



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