Back In The Eighties

Back in the eighties masturbating on the bus back home

I did not wonder why I was alone

It was as common as brown sauce and cheese

wrapped between two pieces of bread.

You sleep alone in bed

You sleep alone in bed

Later on, I thought it was about the sex

Bringing out the jellies for a party piece

Parties sure are fine but feel like doing time

When I’d rather be out there causing trouble

with a girl or two just me and you and you.

And then I got ignored if I fell on the floor

So I climbed back up to the top

and staged a one big belly flop

but people just ignored the blood on the floor

so I cared not to care what they thought anymore

and went off and get myself a career

which was fun and beer but contained little cheer

so I packed it in to live the life of Riley and caught the glance of a smiley

who smacked me ion the mouth and said grow down

so I smoked dope and stayed in bed all day

hey its pretty shit being me, it’s pretty shit being me.

Now I got dope of a different kind

and some people think I am good at rhyme

so they take me out to dinner and take me on holiday

hey it’s not good to be me but I will see what the future holds

It can’t be much worse than what’s been before

It cane be much worse than what’s been before



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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