Abba-Super Trouper

Such an album encompasses walks through redeveloped areas replete with bright young things shining on like fireflies bright to look at and wild in their own way like the swans pecking in the grass at the edges of the river.

In short the album is good, better than anything that came before and surely afterwards. Each song launches one into a cosmic lush landscaped world of songs and beat. And the quartet excels in their respective roles as instrumentalists and vocalists.

The intimacy achieved by the female leads belies the universality of the songs appeal. Feelgood, heartache, romantic, cosmic,  nostalgic, folk influences abound in the songs rich tapestry unfolding before like expensive rugs on a Tur kish salesman’s floor.

The heartstrings and emotions are tugged into acquiescence by Agnetha and Anni-Frid through each song never taking liberties with your expectations and leading you by the hand through some awesome melodies and soundscapes.Worlds of pictures are evoked and experiences shared never sentimentally but meaningfully just like you would expect responsible Swedes to be.

Benny and Bjorn’s virtuoso performance on keyboards and backing vocals are worthy of special mention here. Predating the synthesiser explosion of the late eighties by a decade lush synths evoke dreams and cogent realities merge into a truly original sound and composition worthy of our approbation and applause.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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