The Perils Of Onion Peeling

Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Girl.

And one fine day she took it upon herself to go to the shop to buy groceries,

She took the list prepared by her mother and with the money in her purse went out wearing a hat

The sun was shining and her journey was a good one.

At the Store Mr Patel greeted Pamela ‘Hello Pamela, Come to do some shopping?’

Mr Patel handed a basket to Pamela and she set off on her way.

Half an hour later she was done walking home with the groceries.

When she got home her mother said to her ‘Well done Pamela! For doing the shopping. As a reward tonight you can cook dinner’

‘Hurrah’ said Pamela laughing

Pamela’s mother got out the ingredients mince-beef, tomatoes, one large onion, and various herbs and spices and put them on the kitchen table along with a sharp knife.

Pamela followed the instructions followed by her mother until it came to the onion.

First, she peeled off the hard outer skin. Then she peeled off each layer of the onion one at a time until she reached what look to her like a large walnut.

Pamela went to the kitchen draws and pulled out the largest nutcracker she could find and cracked that nut in two only to find inside a red apple.

Pamela took the plunge and took a bite only to find that the apple contained hundreds of little black spiders in a red sauce.

She put the apple down on the table and watched as the little black spiders ran everywhere.

She rubbed her eyes sure she was in a dream and then looked again. and a big black spider was knocking at the kitchen door and then her mother walked in on eight hairy legs and Pamela fell over backwards and hit her head on the tiles, knocking herself out.

She awoke a couple of hours later with the doctor there who said ‘There’s nothing to worry about. Just a bump to the head. Children will be children, and children will fall over!’ This brought a laugh from her mother who was fussing nearby.

Okay, Pamela. Goodbye! said the doctor, placing a large red apple on her bedside table.

Pamela looked at it and inwardly groaned. Her mother, now back on two legs thankfully, smiling said ‘I’ll put this with the others downstairs, O.K. Pamela?’

Pamela went to object but at that moment, a hairy spider came down on its silk and dangled inches in front of her, centimetres from her eyes.

Pamela shut her eyes and then opened them again. The spider was still there and the apple in her mother’s hand too was dripping a red goo onto the floor.

There was only once thing for it. Pamela opened her mouth took a deep breath and screamed.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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