Lost In A Word: Brevity

Oh, Cassandra! You’re here virtually.

Oh, Cassandra! I can see me, hurtfully!

Oh, Cassandra, help me find my, my lost

that I search for in vain. Oh, Cassandra!


Oh, Cassandra. I see you afresh today.

I have seen you in a different light

Oh, Cassandra! I know you know the night

But also, the bare soul and you are the

givers of flesh and of bone! Be not a witch! Bless thee!


Oh Cassandra! many lives I have taken to

look upon this tiny brook and in it see life

and new words and the like. It is so simple

and worthy and does not belongest to me.


Yet I cherish it all the same though I know not its source.

in stone cloven from the core, hewn by blackberry unknown.

I wish it be and it came to me. I foresaw it not lest I hasten the plot


Of a lone wanderer made friends with an ogre, then rejected by he

and others in the past could this fountain be my dying grasp?

Or something like an oasis where I can feed diurnally.


The night has sounds that confuse me so, Can tomorrow bring

a glimpse of peaceful harmony or at least fighting indifference?

I know not how these things affect me. Darling. You tell me.


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