Shut-up Your Teenage Brain Tonight

I Like it low and Loud because that’s how I roll!

Well, get up and smell the roses, today is a brand new day.

Shut up and put on some poses lest you end up like I dunno. Something that will die in a ghetto.

It’s time for the morning to have its time ignored or not

And for the night to be the same. You are not playing the game.

Tell me how I almost made it in a timeless buttercup glow

of how I walk in the black man’s shadow. The rapper of

dubious means and character knows enough not to get eaten

and to rise to the top of his miserly kingdom (on beats and rhymes)

Show him a router and he’d grow weak at the knees and for shouting

about the birds and the bees which we all took for granted aged nine and ten.

He is Humpty Dumpty putting us back together again.

But we are not broken, lost or misguided people like you who guide those in the image of you but humans and amazing creatures too.

So put down your mace and pepper and pick up some-thing to make you better.

A pen or a sword might do without needing to ram it down your throat with hate

but to run you through that I might do, to see what comes out of you.

I bet it’s deadly serious stuff, black goo with lumps of ‘hello, how do you do?’

And you’d think that this couldn’t break a rose head on its branch but the hip is hard

and solid yet contain feathers that are honest and sometimes nature comes in hard packages but I don’t want to listen to your empty promises shouted morning noon and night. I don’t like the aggressive person I become when listening to your dum de dum, dum.

So shut up your hate and replace it with something great. Lest I become like you

another soul lost to the ghetto.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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