Star Goth Techno Raver

21, yrs old. 5′ 8″ Fit, smart dresser. likes box sets, going to the gym, music and my cat.

22, yrs old. 5′ 2″ Sociable, private dancer seeks master for nights out and in. NSFW.

23, yrs old. 4′ 10″ .

‘The page rips off at that point. There is some biro around an asterisk placed next to the first two entries ,’ said DC Spencer to his senior boss.

‘At what time would you put the time of death?’ asked DI Connely to the campus pathologist cum science liason officer.

‘Between breakfast and first lessons I would say. He has been in the shade under that bush all day. It’s a pity nobody here walks dogs else we would have found him earlier. Dogs always go for large flesh wounds like that,’

‘SNIFF THEM OUT Boys!’ shouted DI Connelly to the team of uniformed and non-uniformed officers armed with tablets, pens and notebooks who would canvas the 2500 strong college campus asking the usual questions whenever they sniffed more than youthful enthusiasm for the police enquiries prompts.

‘Who was acting suspiciously? asked DC Spencer

‘Idiot. He was chewing the white pen top when he was holding the blue marker pen drawing on his bag. He’s Aspie. Would never mix pen tops. strict like that he is. And he was wearing his Calvin Kleins Boxer Shorts but today is Tuesday not Wednesday. Don’t you see? He would never do that.’ said Clara.

‘Who was acting suspiciously? His name..?’ added DC Spencer helpfully

‘IDIOT!’ shouted Clara to someone behind her in the dorm.

‘His name?’ repeated DC Spencer.

The door slammed in his face. There was a scream and shouting inside the dorm then it went quiet.

The Student ambassador who was accompanying him shrugged her shoulders and pointed at her watch.’ I have to leave now’ before running off down the hall towards the double doors and the stairway.

DC Spencer shrugged. It had been that sort of day. There’s only a needle in three thousand staff and students haystack that a team of thirteen officers can get through. He would take a photo of the Dorm and make notes on his tablet. Nothing more to do. Poor kid. Had been a Grade A student like me thought DC Spencer. Time for some Joe.



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