Say, Stan

Say, Stan, Wheres it at?

You’ve done your fair share, of raping and pillaging

And corporate shakedowns and takeovers, asset stripping and budget cutting

rainforest felling, oil spilling, genocide and wholesale slaughter, Carbon dumping

price hiking, profiteering, manipulating, extorting, snorting and extortion?

Say Stan? I started small but now I madden everyone I speak to. I curl everything dry with fire, I spread disease from my test tube and make everyone into a liar. Won’t you help me curse the briar woods first then onto the people next seven billion to tumble at your behest? We would make quite a  team you and I killing off religion and humanity wherever it do hide. You can take the virgins and I’ll have the rest

Say Stan? We could infect the computers, handheld devices steal credit cards and fix the prices of the hordes, and infiltrate the restaurants and poison the food supply, replace rat poison with Flouride and breed an army of rats to overthrow our cities and ruin their pride.

Say Stan, Let me show you a presentation. See this graph here is all the souls and your projected collection is 100 percent by the time they are all fifteen years old.

Let’s have whispering and secrets and no forgiveness and lies everywhere lies. And poverty and isolation and big hairy flies. And bile and crime and fear and doubt and cheating and bending then breaking the rules. Let’s have incest, abortion and broken glass in pies, Let’s have banana skins and superstition and pointy sticks, broken homes, poor management and expense accounts. We can do it all!

Say, Stan, You’re looking rather cool, you don’t take me for a fool. I got  it all from a book by Be Hells -Ze Bub.

What are you doing Stan? Don’t lift me up so high. Don’t push me over the edge. I’m scared of heights. Whatever don’t let me go? Please don’t let me go…

(falling 200 storeys down)

Say, Stan, This isn’t so bad. I can see a swimming pool below and what looks like a giant marshmallow. And there’s this An Girl falling too and she looks nothing like you. In fact, I’d say she has a heart of gold in the right place and now I look there’s more around me falling too. And they speak of golden birds in cages and red hue and I don’t know you anymore Stan. You saved me! An- girls! from a fate worst than death. Of living to someone evil behest. Thank you. Oh, That ground is coming up mighty fast.

(hits the ground)

Say, Stan, I have grown wings and am free like a bee and all around me I see flowers. And I’m floating upwards of my own accord towards the place where the heavenly father be. And I can feel his love lifting me up higher and higher still and around me others are rising too and some go shooting into the night sky in silver light. That’s where I am going tonight Stan. Seeeee you!

(floats up to Heaven)

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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