Nursery Rhymes and Poltergeists

Well with Krampus appearing on DVD and Blu-Ray, HD Download recently there has never been (this week) a better time to indulge in some Hans Christian Anderson, Grimms Fairy Tale and other folk tales of odd folk who come running out of the woods to chase you down the street on their cloven hoof!

Poltergeists also move things around and if you have ever experienced the sensation that the world is being moved around while you remain perfectly still you might have some idea of the idea of a poltergeist of the mind body and soul. Imagine one minute you are the saviour of your friends family and lovers and the next living alone in a cramped bedsit somewhere on the seediest side of the city you just happen to inhabit.

But I’m not all souls shifting here at NR & P. We (I) like to indulge in a little shape shifting too. Imagine the scene . You want to seduce a girl but can’t think of what to wear. Why not go for Michaelangelo’s David’s Torso, The head and neck of Cassanova and the feet and legs of Any virile creature e.g. a footballers legs . Add in Gandalf the Grey’s staff and hey presto. It’s date time!.

This is not a DATING site. This is a fun attempt at writing that happened to spurt out from beneath my fingertips while I was vigorously typing about my new website idea Nursery Rhymes and Poltergeists which I could have for free on WordPress don’t cha know?

Now tune in for a feature piece.

The Grand Old Duke Of York he Had Ten Thousand Men

He Marched Them Up TO the Top Of the Hill

Then He marched them…down again.

(You might know the rest and If you don’t then there are various websites where you can read the full

Such fun. Now for something scary.


It’s death. My death. I drew it.

Perhaps its time I gave you some content.

If you like me are interested in phonemes, that is the music of words and the words of music then , especially , if you like ‘know’ something about the subject as it pertains to Nursery Rhymes and Poltergeists or even if it doesn’t really but you think I and my readers might be interested then please CONTACT ME and I will see about including it as a link or even the full text. I am not bothered about it if you don’t have a degree in Linguistics and Music so please, don’t be a stranger…

So back to it. There are a lot of fairy tales in the media at the moment. Grimms being one. Does anybody have opinions on this? Are we seeing a return to the suspicion and finger pointing of the witch hunter ages before we all became enlightened by science or is it just a fad? CONTACT ME

Well that appears to be the end of my brains activity for now. Until next time. Thank’s for reading. And try not to scare yourself…too much! Muhahahah.

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