Rainbow Son

Red, Orange, Green, blue. The sun shone down on the earth below.

Far, far, away

in a land that time forgot

was a child who was

mourning the loss of his parents

who had been taken by a flood, taken away from the village.

In place of his parents, he had a dragon

who raised him as his own.The dragon

placed him with people in the community

so that he would have a well-rounded image

of the world and its people in it as he grew up.

But the child was a bad child and hated the

memory of his parents so the dragon punished

the child with words that had no meaning, colours

that held no charm and for his bedroom, he punished him by making him sleep in the cold brown, barn.

One day the child was walking the mountains and he saw it began to rain in the distance

and the child was bored for the weather but  then from behind a cloud came the sun and made a rainbow in the sky.

the child forgot his woes and whooped and jumped up and down in the air pointing to the apparition in the sky. he asked What is it, sir? (For the dragon always had him call him sir.) Its the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow you are feeling son said the dragon. And that is an illusion. Now come along. Then the sun went behind a cloud again and the rain moved overhead slowly soaking them to the skin. And they walked home.

Now it was a few years later that the rainbow boy from the neighbouring village came to visit. In his hair, he had ribbons the colours of the rainbow. He wore bells on his wrists and wore tight white breeches, and wore rainbow coloured boots.

The dragon was outside chopping wood for the fire and the dragons son was inside doing chores when there was a knock at the door.

The dragons boy answered ‘I’ll be there for a minute then he opened the door wide and saw, rainbow boy.

Rainbow boy smiled at him and the dragons boy, Jim was his name, smiled back and invited him inside. The rainbow boy made no move to come inside but pulled brightly coloured cloths from his clothes and began to do a dance . He skipped around back and forth  twirled the ribbons this way and that wheeling his arms faster and faster until he reached behind his head and pulled from his hood a rainbow flag, which he shook in front of him the bells on his wrists jangling gently.Then he went down on one knee and bowed his head to the boy.

The boy applauded his performance and the rainbow boy took off his hat and held it in front of him proffering it for a donation of some kind.

The dragons boy took a look around the room and his eyes lighted upon all sorts of items until he saw some gold coins belonging to the dragon. He ran over to them and picked one up from the top of the pile and then paused. Should he give it to the rainbow boy? Or would he get in trouble with the dragon?. The question was answered prematurely by the dragon walking back indoors. he saw the rainbow boy with his flag out and harrumphed around him. He saw his boy holding one the coins he caught the boys eye and asked ‘Well, son?’

‘Its for  the boy, the rainbow boy over there, sir’ said Jim pointing to where the Rainbow boy was. But by now the rainbow boy had gone and the front door was closed behind him.A look of loss grew on his features and the arm in which he held the dragons golden coin slacked and the golden coin dropped to the floor.

‘Its all an illusion son, All an illusion’ said the dragon patting his head and picking up his golden coin from the floor.’Now finish your chores’

Does Jim find happiness again? Or take up a life of crime? Or does his guardian, the dragon, spoil all his fun until he leaves home? Have a go at writing an ending to the story. Let me know. i love a good story.



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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