Bus Ticket To Compton

It’s ten O’clock at night

and i’m feeling like a rock (inside)

Got no munchies and i got no beer

Got no honeys coming near

Got a pile of books

Got my evil looks

Got a heart on my sleeve

and a feelin’ inside

And nobody ever crosses my lines

Got a cat on a mat in a hat, too

What are you doing being you

Come over here and I’ll show you my gear

And we can get robbin and stealin and bobbin around

A robbin and a stealin anda  bobbin

Got my sewing machine and stiches

made me a new pair of britches

made my girl her new clothes too and get this

nobody knows and nobdody shows at my door asking for more.

And while I’m up all night designing, cutting patterns on my mannequin.

and were chilling in my bankin got a bus ticket to Compton

and were rocking the new seasons ticket in your face the bobbin race Yeah!

Sewing is my new nirvana

more relaxed than marajuana

got new skills keeps my mind off the bills

and hatin’ baitin’ and a skatin’

down the road I buy old clothes

and make them into something new

And I feel like new, too.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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