Music is…the cacophony of voices in this world

You may listen to words of wisdom

Or you may shout your defiance

And listen to those of others

who make music like you can.#

For we are all lovers and musicians alike

And we all can fight back with music.

And in our fight, we will meet other minds

that we don’t necessarily like and this

should push us further than before and make

we continue with the fight.

And we might meet those who love us along the way

and they are angels bringing our souls back from the fray

And together you continue to fight and you might , just might

meet and make another life.

There are those who want you for their own purpose and as oats

grow you can see their blackness deep within so you should

love them more lest you grow weak alone, transmogrified.

When you step out with friends you know the feeling is right

When you go out and stay out all the night and then crash at their pile

For these people, you would go the extra mile but then one day

when you wake up alone again there is only one who can put it right.

That’s right it is you and you must do what you can and carry on the fight.


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