Star Crossed and Beady Eyed

Try as I might,

I cannot compare

To the heavenly discourse

Flowing through my veins

Isn’t it every man’s prize to carry

Something that exudes calm, pride, and normality

I know I have felt the urge to throw in my towel with the absurd

To conquer weakness and to lay my towel at wisdom’s door. Such is the pull

Of being normal. Then I put on a tune and it fills up my room and I am free to indulge

my wildest fantasies. So I…. If there was someone watching they would probably say I

descend into debauchery but I don’t care because the hair of a god has touched

my soul. I would like to say it has not always been this way before I never

saw destiny at my door-way before I never saw destiny at my door

it was like living in a  torch with a dead battery with no light

to shine in any one direction.And that s what brings

you fame I thought as I composed brutal

strategies in my room alone.

These ruminations

gave way

to something new.

Lest if be forgotten in blues

I found a new way of joy in the

moment for a few seconds and that idea

took me to new places on the map of Birmingham

and neighbouring counties. In short I lost

my cool and became a fool. But I

felt good in my hood. Perhaps

this cosmic dust is what

I seek to be

immortalised in a

museum display. Andrew

Watkins had his day, and we all came to see ]

how it could be.


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