One Day

One day I will write lyrics like Andrew Bell

Until then I will go through hell and high water

walking the length and breadth of this country till I wear out my shoes and then throw them away and walk in my socks over hill and dale, over gravel rocks and shale until I am walking barefoot then I will walk until I can walk no more. Then I will wear out the pads of my feet, then the bones too  till I’m only walking on stumps three feet tall. Then when I’m

walking on splintered bones and take no more I will go further and further until I finally fall. Then I will

crawl until my arms are rubbed raw and my hands are claws

And my fingers bleeding stumps.  Then when I am ready I will DICTATE into

fucking Microsoft Windows the words that do justice to my soul

and I will proudly shout them from the hills of Birmingham.

‘…Alea Jacta Est’

Or I might do some light reading and listen to some music or speak to my maddening family or consider dating again…

It’s far more formative and educational!


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