Easier than sex


You made it harder but easier than sex

I am getting by but that’s hardly a record

I am nostalgic for painful separations

Must be something in the air.

There is something that kills me

and it’s not the memory of my time with you

You’re not here now and that’s a shame

but now I have to stand literate and proud

I couldn’t live with you. I can’t live alone.

I have tried to trace you but that did not work

I am settled for the time being settled in shame

How can I look for you when I need someone to blame

for the fragments. I have glued into shape A swan in an envelope

couldn’t be more absurd than the garden I tend.

A complacent confidence given in an aside. I need to have faith

in the other side to continue on my quest (to be the best)

When will I see you again? Soon?

I am second best next to you. Jesus would have to argue

but he threw tables out of the temple too

perhaps he has something in common with you

or perhaps I’m crazy or perhaps you are.

Yours Sincerely



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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