Little Fluffy Clouds

Who owns the little fluffy clouds?

Is there a little fluffy cloud inside of me?

Do I do back flips inside my little fluffy cloud?

or does my little fluffy cloud do backflips on me?

When I sleep is my little fluffy cloud in motion?

Or still somewhere between the sky and the sun?

How do I leave my little fluffy cloud? Is there a magic key? Or is my little fluffy cloud a graveyard?

Does my weight get lost in a little fluffy cloud and gravity

take a day off between nine and three?

I forewarn you – little fluffy clouds do not come for free.

My little fluffy cloud is equipped

for hobbies and interests galore but diurnal cycles do not exist on board my little fluffy cloud. There is no time for me any more.

My passport is stamped. Resident in a little fluffy cloud.



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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