I am all out of lyrics.

Symbols must therefore, rule from now on or at least until I have got through the complete back catalogue of Janis Joplin lyrics and tunes and something like normality has resumed around here. Whatever that looks like! Answers on a postcard please! (or just comment below)

There are a couple of symbolic alphabets fonts I know of like Webdings, and others in my drawing software and others and on WordPress in the Ω Special Characters box on the formatting bar, there are 200 special characters to choose from. Just clock on the Pi symbol.

As I mentioned earlier, words are taking a backseat until I am replenished so I am bored for your symbols WordPress!

Here are some I chose. Factual accuracy guaranteed (kinda)

∏      Game of Thrones Croquets

≅       Ancient Hieroglyph for the sea

∑       Cherry picker in operation

¥       Electricity Pylons Closeby

°        Telescope recommended

∞       Drunken eight (8)

‰     Zero out of zero. Full marks! (for attending)

—     Hoverboard (BTTF II)

¤       Catapult target practice

±        Dodgy balance sheet

≡        Earth (film reference. Which film?)

—∈        International symbol of the fork


As you can see you can mix and match.

Have a go yourself and post comments saying  ‘Grow Up’ will NOT  be reported as SPAM.


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