Yes, yes, yes


I am sorry if my posts of late have been a little strange or dry but my souls has been like an empty bottle of tequila with grit running around the bottom of the glass bottle. with iguanas. I have Janis Joplin playing on the music player and I am beyond impressed. Tina Turner. No. Mamma Cass. No. That welsh Bird from Catatonia. No. Adele No. All those Cheryl cole lookalikes and soundalikes.Beyonce. no. Aretha Franklin. yes but in a different way.

For turd dilution – Janis Joplin

For shopping blues. Janis Joplin

For Friday Nights – Janis Joplin

For antifreeze of the soul ‘man’ Janis Joplin

For limousine stopping – And pelting with overripe melons – A bit of Janice

For reaching the parts other singers do not reach – Janis Joplin

For Summer – Janis Joplin

For road trips – Janis Joplin

For barbecues – Janis Joplin

For studying latin word roots – Janis Joplin.

Do this woman talents know no bounds?

Hey,Hey She does it her way! And I am not a little in love with her for it.



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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