What Have You Got To Do?

What  have you got to do to get a laugh around here?

Well first you should say something funny and I don’t mean funny peculiar. there’s plenty of that. No, what you say has to be original, witty and unexpected too. Such a sequence of things can produce the much talked about ‘belly laugh’. This laugh rattles the china on the mantelpiece and stretches the buttons of your shirt or female garments for the ‘belly laugh is bisexual in that it occurs in both sexes equally.

My favorite laugh, though, the favourite for sheer comedy drama is the blurt. This is the sort of laugh that can occur whilst eating cake, hot dogs or even a sit-down meal. The punchline for the joke usually comes and goes and then there might be a short pause of a second or two while the information processes before you simultaneously expel the food from your mouth laughing hard at the same time. The food may be projected for some distance or you may catch it like a cricketer with a well-timed catch.

The other one worth mentioning is the mirthful laugh. This is the one that has you in stitches.

That’s about it.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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