The Machine Of Love

The machine of love mirrors your pain back to you amplified

and exploded into genuine details all that you are. It might have you wondering if you are not alone after all.

If someone else has bothered to write it down, and had it made into whatever and you identify it must be genuine, thought or real in millions of others eyes. Like, love. It’s an illusion love. The acorn is not the tree no matter how much you believe it. Is it genuine DNA of love, though? Did this same DNA program our parents into bathing us, feeding us, clothing us, taking us to school? Or is this a different love? Is it a selfish love born out of compliance or fear of  facing the consequences of neglect? Genuine DNA seems to need no effort other than doing the right thing that’s why we believe it’s genuine. But the acorn is not the tree. What is the tree? It’s an image of free will, nature, and Gods Grace working together in harmony.Gaia. But what we actually see is different.We see action and reaction, cause and effect. Including the man made reality of genocide, murderers, psychopaths crime and all deviation. What is more real likely to happen to you? Deviant psychology or the things that happen in the image of Gaia? Do you trust Construction or emotion your molding or manners? Does psychopathy exist or it is natures guilt-free narcissism taken to extremes? Aren’t we all like that? Anyway does an acorn even resemble the tree?  But a tree can contain a million acorns. That’s what the scientists would have you believe. As would your parents . It’s  responsibility and it’s in our DNA. We are responsible for the planet and its inhabitants. We are custodians of nature. If you are struck by lightning or a drowning refugee then you might ask that not reciprocal is it? You begin to think It’s a random event and you are unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or if you were on a dinghy trying to cross the Mediterranean sea then a plain faced bore might surmise  ‘you had a death wish’ ‘you didn’t want to live’ ‘you were being deviant’.They’re the risks!

Thankfully we exist in a forgiving world so that all natures wrath even when all brought down at once on you is unlikely to kill you unless it is biologically or psychologically pointy stick like and wielded with deadly intent. I am not trying to scare you. You know the risks.And then there’s the social world, the machine of love made real in a network of people? Fantasy of politics or cogent reality made real by sites like WordPress, DA, Facebook Etc. I think the love flows around and my node is positively glowing with love.

Anyway. I wanted you to go away with a positive impression and mostly to enjoy understand and to pass on the word about my blog. If you think I should get out more and make REAL friends then perhaps this post was not for you . If on the other hand, you are impressed then I implore you to follow me and to indulge your fantasies while you still can.



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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