Harrumpity Hump

Harrumph Hump said the Elephlump.

It’s five in the morning. What time  do you call this?

Well, I thought you would like breakfast in bed.

Oh that’s nice but I really need my sleep

Oh, but your egg will get cold. And your coffee.

Oh, look I am going back to sleep. You eat it.

Oh OK. Have a good sleep

Harrumph Hump said the Lele flump and turned over in the bed.

It’s always the same for an aleph lump

people trying to please ya

even when you have done nothing notable

there are people in the woodwork who are kind to you

doing this and that, saying nice things…

The dream fairies are now back in control and wondering which way to direct the dream machine

One is starting to extrude from the nozzle

I see Tinky Winky and Po and Treasure Island, Oomplumpas and a chocolate sea

Oh the dream whisk wind machine is starting up

Where will the dream end up with purple clouds and yellow

suns. Maybe this dream will be one to write down. Will it be lucid?

Lions and zebras are taking to the plains in a new dream which one will hold?

Oh I see a new dream oh now the machine is broken again that’s just goo

Oh, goo is OK now is it? OK, let’s go with it. Goo, goo and more goo

This is gong to be a sticky one I can tell.

The Dream elves fall asleep and the dark castle on the hill is visible before the fog. Someone lets out a scream

Sorry, the wrong dream said a dream Elf sheepishly.

This egg is tasty. Why didn’t I make it for myself? That fat cow never is hungry. Ungrateful bitch.

Why do elephants have it so easy?


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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