The Cycle of A Depressive Adult

All my stuff is a load of old junk.

I am not too pissed off at this moment.

All of my stuff is well chosen useful, even cool.

These people are out to piss me off. What other alternative is there?

Yawn. I’m feeling tired.

It’s three in the morning again and I’m not tired.

What’s breakfast?

I have nothing in that I want to eat.

I’m feeling horny.

I eat because I am nervous.

She is a perfect match.

This feels like spinning plates.*

I have no money.

Shopping day today.

(Sleeps all day)

I hate television shows they just don’t reflect my reality.

Drop everything. Corries On.

etc, etc,  Ad infinitum.

Start cycle again…


  • I pinched this from a Radiohead lyric. Don’t tell them will you 😉

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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