You Are Not Deficient

You are not deficient. You may not believe this fact. You may not know it. When you brush your teeth you might feel it. It works both ways. Good and bad, right and wrong. In the words of Weezer ‘Its automatic when you know/feel it’ Like a machine. like a living thing. Liminal not actual. On the cusp of…something. Greatness maybe. ‘I can’t control my brain’ is another Weezer lyric. And if you are trying to then maybe you can’t relax. And this can be remedied by relaxing. If it’s so simple then why doesn’t everyone do it? What? Relax? Yes. We are a long way from living a hunter-gatherer¬†society although some aspects remain. Hunter-gatherer behavior. ‘You can choose to go your way, if you want’ Another Weezer lyric. ‘This is the dawning of a brave new world’ Maybe. ‘There is so much out there, if only we open our eyes and see’ Guess who sung that?

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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