Little Clicks

Hi. Good afternoon. All is fine here at Watkins Towers. I enjoyed  a lamb chop mashed potato and peas with gravy dinner feast and am now sitting down listening to the one and only Jimmy Page strumming his strings and singing in Led Zeppelin. I have set the playlist to shuffle through the entire back catalogue available on my player including some ‘what I call’ amaZING live sets. I have imagined things I have never thought about before while listening to his music and have experienced the closest approximation to feeling alive and in love through his renditions. Even I have muttered to myself ‘Like Radiohead…But BETTER!’

Rock. Psychedelic Rock. Heavy Metal. Art Rock. Guitar Rock. Seventies Rock. Blues. Rockabilly. Most time I hear him (Page) play I see black jeans and the aroma of sweaty roadies and think heavy metal. Why? I think it was my upbringing in one pub in particular that contained  a heavy metal biker contingent where ‘Nights in White Satin’ NOT by Led Zep, Motorhead and ‘Stairway to Heaven’ would intermingle seamlessly. I have no problem assigning the others to the Heavy Metal genre but when it comes to Led Zepplin I hear more than your standard thrash metal. On Carouselambra, I hear the familiar reedy vocals of Plant or Page but something like organ or synth that would be out of place on Heavy Metal. It works and its great. The live version of Dazed and Confused contained a guitar and drums duet that lasted for the best part of the 25-minute length of the song and in it, I heard the sort of melodies that I have only seen others ape. Now I know what they are aping. It works and its great. Other classics from the Led Zeppelin Album like Communication Breakdown for me gave voice to many thoughts floating around in my consciousness that were waiting on various platforms for musical trains to arrive. Little did I expect them all to be picked up and dropped off at the doors of acceptance and understanding while in the custody of Messrs Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham. It’s like I am listening to them for the first time ever, not just the first time in years.

Now I am in the East and hearing traditional Indian Music. No! It’s Led Zeppelin again. Next I don’t know. Now I am hearing another live set and this time, I am reminded of Hendrix and Robert Plant solo works, and various generic seventies heavy rockers. Not that I’m showing off but I swear I know where Noddy Holder got his trademark scream from now. He ripped it of Jimmy Page!

If you’re left wondering anything I can tell you where the title of this article comes from.You know those little clicks you get in your neck…just extend your head forwards until…click…click…click. gone. Ahh! That’s better!

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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