And Then Came..Watersports


I party by myself ’cause I’m such a special guy…

I just wanted to share a story of all the hot single girls out there, some of who come by my blog,

Well, I read your blog sometimes It’s like having access to your diary!!!

I would never read that!!

You publish these things for me to see don’t you so don’t get grumpy

if one day I surprise you with one of your secrets when I meet you.

Don’t worry I’m just havin’ fun. I’m really not that dumb.

And you are fine and sweet, someone I would like to meet.

One day, at some WordPress affair with drinks and a finger buffet

all paid for by some internet millionaire who want to show he cares.

We could take a corner and let it all flood out, all those repressed feelings

that somehow don’t transmit into words on a page. And our loaded sponsor would

agree to an activity day raffle for a drive in a sports car or to up in a balloon, or water ski

And we would win and agree to meet at a later date, all paid for by our millionaire mate.

We would go home and  blog and tell our mates how it was going with our new beau and they would tease

about all the romances gone before like so many breakfast cereal toys, of evolution in reverse they would say but all we would be looking forward to would be our date. (soon)

And then the big day arrives. We start at 11:00 sharp after a champagne breakfast with smoked salmon and crackers, black coffee and bratwurst.

We are given our wetsuits and are told what is on offer. Days water-sports of all varieties.

Giant water bananas are given short shrift and as we take up our positions the sun begins to drift and soon is shining brightly on an adjoining field. We get started.

Soon my eyes are streaming and I retire to a tent blaming the pollen from the fields next door.While you are playing my eyes are all blown up and sore.

You see me again and can see I’m almost blind but you give me a hug because you’re nice and kind.

And you’re buzzing cause you had such a good time.

We meet again at dinner time and you decide not to eat because you have a gluten allergy and they haven’t prepared for you despite a letter and a promise.

You drink smile and look happy on the outside cause you’re a special kind of girl.

On our way back to the airport we sit next to each other in the car and say our goodbyes and you give me a pair of shades and I give you a Gluten allergy chocolate bar.

And then we say our goodbyes and promise to stay in touch – by email!

When we get home we reflect on our special day and decide WordPress. Next time we’ll do it inside with a bed and gluten free meals at the ready!



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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