God free fix available £5.99

The reality the idea held together with bonds insoluble in water

A fence is a two way street only if you happen to be tall enough to step over it

hows about something not like barbed wire but like a crown of thorns

or not. Isn’t Jesus sacrifice enough to stop talk of war fields machine gun emplacements etc


If you struggle it just cuts into the cloth of your clothes or your flesh. Deeper and deeper.

Where does it belong? Not near me. Not in my home or street or playground, park or cut.

Razor cut defences on industrial estate fences

keeping the ruffians out, keeping the fear locked in

blue sky above, there’s something above us

moving this mountain, sorting this and that

telling whatsisname what I did when and how to prove it

telling Gladys of that mistake one night after too much to drink

telling so many of us what to think, when we make a mistake

not to throw ourselves into the lake but onto Gods mercy

Or this stink won’t go away.

What stink?

It’s as quick as that. Say Grace and Three Hail Mary’s

God free fix available £5.99 at the local store.

Walking down the street or the road

Avoiding treading on the warty toad

Let the dog sniff it

Cut my head open

All in a days walk.

Say hello to the neighbours

get ignored

shout and make a scene

feel alright again

have drink

go over your calorie limit for the day

hold your head in your hands


write, right?

Kiss. I forgot kiss.

A long time ago


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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