As A Junior Elf

As A junior elf, I learned a few tricks

like how to shoot an arrow through a pear as it fell to the ground

and how to talk to crickets without making a sound

but what I knew already held me in good sway at meal times

I used to say ‘

There’s nothing worst than being an elf

I say that in poor health

For all the creatures on the land

Its the elf who has to lend a hand

to show the corn which way to shoot

To tell the pig which is leaf and which and which is root

Theres no such look in being an elf’

And then drink slowly that which is taken from a tree and fermented with glee into Honey mead beer that pigs would eat with glee. Ha Ha HA! said I goadingly

At midnight when the moon is high I, hollowed reed in hand, write tales of the land and in it, my loves: people and places, animals and trees and I whisper carefully in order that men and elves shall prosper!

In leaves, it is written and for the lore, I seek the wisdom of elders and butterflies. But for now, I must go and sort out the waste problem we have here in the forest of Edgbaston Hallow, where pigs eat us out of house and home.

Farewell and soon betrothed to another!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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