Inspired by something I cannot define

I seek to define this mother of mine

At once enabled by another impressive light show

To follow the bands together congregated

In tune to the Glory of above, Reigns in Heaven

and below in rivers of blood and lavender in modern clothes.

Does she give out praise in a constant shower

on those she bestows the highest honour

of being her friend? Mean spirited sprite or

Loves tender light? At once honoured at once

denied. Frown.Down.Clown.Around.Always Around.

One and only mother friend and biological better

superior and go-getter.

I would like to say I know better but it is not the case

I never know and that’s what makes it nice.

To be surprised at the opening of a Kinder Egg

Pokemon or plush teddy lying on her bed.

Over the years, I have been horror, creep, unlikeable, unapproachable, uncontrollable and sometimes OK. But she has always been the same.

Unlikeable, unapproachable, uncontrollable and sometimes OK. My one and only mother.

Tender kind, loving, sweet, someone you would like to meet.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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