I too have been loved

In class, you called my name

I ignored your approaches in vain

In secret corners, you would come to me

whispering secrets telling of comings and goings

And to me, it was like INS key, its use unknown to me at the time

and in my heart I had wanted another, another person altogether

But you did not give up easily.

In my home, you stripped for me upon my bed

And I felt surprised at the speed of your moves

It was too much like the currents in mine, I feared I would cry, so I politely declined

And luckily fate had something else in store, my Dad knocking on my bedroom door!

So  eventually we said goodbye with no emotion on my part

Fate brought us back together years later on the internet and I saw that you had a daughter and was bring her up not five miles from me. I wished upon the same old stars and saw that the constellation still was true but I contacted you and this time you refused or did not know.

Its tragic really that the constellations sometimes tell the truth other than consistently lie.

Or we’d not be falling for the truth when we’d settle for a few well-timed lies.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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