Mr Pianoface

There was once a clunky town. In that town lived Mr Brown. He lived in a clunky house had a clunky wife and two clunky children. He drank his tea from a clunky mug and when he looked into the mirror he saw a reflection of his clunky features. His eyes was uneven and clunky. His eyebrows were one bigger than the other and his nose was the clunkiest nose you ever saw in your whole life. Mrs Brown loved her husband. For all his clunkiestness he was still a good father to his clunky children whom he loved dearly. The Browns did not live in a big house or drive a flashy car. The children did not have many presents at Christmas and on their birthdays. Mrs Brown did not work but stayed and made home and looked after the children. In their own clunky way they were a happy, if somewhat clunky family.

Mr Brown or Chris as he was known (Clunky Chris actually) did not have a hobby until one day the next door neighbours the Greens trundled out an old upright piano into their driveway.

‘A Piano Mr Green,’ said Mr Brown

‘Yes Mr Brown. Its too old and clunky for us. Maybe you know someone who can use it…’

Mr Browns eyes lit up and his larger than the other eyebrow raised itself a few millimetres.

‘I have an idea!’ said Mr Brown.


A few weeks later in the Clunky Browns house Mrs Crimson was giving a piano lesson to Mr Brown.

‘No, not like that’ said Mrs Crimson ‘Al Dente like this,’ and she played a sequence of notes that sent Mr Browns eyebrows up and down and all over the place.

‘Oh dear,’ said Mr Brown, looking crestfallen.

He put his hands above the keys like Mrs Crimson had shown him and read off the sheet music on the rest.

‘A-Cflat -B minor G’ said Mr Brown and then dropped his shoulders’ I’ll never be able to do this’ he said and slammed the lid of the piano shut.

‘Patience is everything Mr Brown’ said Mrs Crimson looking dissaprovingly at Mr Brown.

Mr Brown said a rude word and stormed off upstairs leaving Mrs Crimson looking even more dissaprovingly around.

‘Well…’ Said Mrs Crimson, more to herself than to anyone else.

It was then she noticed two heads peering at her from around the living room door.

‘That was Dad. Don’t worry He’ll calm down’ said the older girl smiling at Mrs Crimson.

‘He’s always losing his concentration, but it doesn’t run on the family’ said the boy, also smiling.

‘I’m Jack and this is Jane’

‘Hello children. Nevermind your father. I’m sure your father knows what he wants, deep down,’ she said mischeivously

‘Now who of you wants to use up the rest of the hour learning how to play the piano,’

Huge grins appeared on the faces of Jack and Jane as they both put up their hands at the same time.

‘me,me’ said the children.

‘One at a time please’ said Mrs Crimson, One at a Time.

And it was like this that the two Brown children became interested in the Piano and after their father who had a good heart came around and paid for their lessons would later play their Mini Grands in Madison Square Garden in front of Twenty Thousand People. They are known as the Brown Siblings. Have you heard of them?


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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