Current Situation -A Poem


Hanging off the third rung from the bottom of the ladder I take my time.

An icy tundra windswept with ice rock and snow I see and feel inside.


I feel good for a change and rather than beat, I dream of Xbox 360.

My diet is going well and except for temperature its mighty toasty.

Elliptical exercise and Bobs your uncle, podium finish, get a posy.


This and that is all coming off, things are definitely looking rosy.

Trappers hat on and my ears and head is nice and cosy.


Time for a brew,

Watch the bag stew,

Add sugar,

and wonder ‘Do I have enough milk’.


Back to my laptop and time for some writing.

This time, it’s easy and I carry on typing,

and the sentences come, one after the other.

And rhymes that come in right time that give me no bother.


And in the still pool of mercury, I can see my reflection

And if I poke in a finger I get a hint of recollection

Of times gone by in a haze and I see the product of my days

less glory than a toaster not as tasty as a roaster.


How we spend out time as the sand flows down

If you get like this often don’t worry I’ll still see you around

if we lean on each other like a sister and a brother at the end of the day

and in another way what’s Yours is yours and mine are mine

And we can pool if you like.


My TV is broken can I borrow your’s bruvver

My head is listing can you give me some cover

and the back streets are empty

and the cupboards are bare.


I say hello

And then I just stare

at you…


The heartbeat quickens and my breathing slickens

past the attitude and worry and the composite story

of how we came to be here in this room

apart and together forever and ever. perhaps…No!

Oh No I fell in love again! No offense! Lest you take me the wrong way

Honestly, I meant to harm just a brief romance

passed in and out of my conscience.


Now we are friends we can do it with meaning

and there’s no embarrassed moments if we get a little feeling

of familiarity, of knowing you and me, in a moment in a day

Today, tomorrow and yesterday.


I don’t know what’s happening with this poem

It’s getting longer and longer and longer and longer

What is the definition of Stronger?

Better than before

less weak….


Take a breather Mr. Geezer You are clearly looking tired

Have a seat, sit down and take the weight off a while

I thought I thought I knew you from my life but now I don’t know

Either way, we both get to see the show

of life unfolding.


This poem is in need of an ending

My patience is thinning, my patience is bending.

Did I hook in you in with Rhythm and rhyme

Did it help you pass some wasted time

If it did then I grateful to you dear reader. And remember

Allways be loving, never be hateful.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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