Wordplay, Humour, Good-Taste

Little, by little the chi, leaves me. I am out of yin and yang. Pranayama does not help me with reiki while Asana tea tastes nice if followed with chakras for dunking. Ha haha.

As you might have guessed I am taking up yoga, fitness and meditation and am slowly taking on board new vocabulary. To this end I am now replete with free ebooks and soon to pay a visit to local yogi at yogic establishments not too far from me. As far as it goes I am a work in progress and there are changes coming.

  • I am buying a fold-up bed so I can practice yoga in the living room/bedroom/study where my bed resides.
  • I am gradually changing my clothes so that I may be suitably dressed fit for yoga, fitness, and meditation.
  • I have changed my diet adding more protein, greens, and treats so that I can repair the damage to my cells done by exercise in as a pain-free way as possible.
  •  I am reading up on the subject.(both boring and interesting at the same time)
  • I am planning on spending a month getting to know yoga at my local yoga establishment. (with an introductory offer)
  • I plan to attend one weekly yoga class to start and to have a one-on-one consultation with a yogi about what my feelings are and to discuss a way forward regarding yoga, fitness, and meditation in class and in life.
  • I am approaching it with an open mind and positive attitude.

Yoga is a middle-class activity so I will engage in it in a liberal, humanistic and semi-affluent way between my usual trips to the theatre, opera and cultural activities.


In other words, I will continue to browse the internet, play computer games and read up on obscure knowledge so that one day when I meet my maker I will be suitably prepared for the great game of Pointless in the sky.

Here Goes! (Adopts Lotus Position)


Joking aside. I am going to a session, soon. (And the less fussy it is the better)

Written in the style of Lee Mack – Not Going Out. (At least that what it sounds like to me)

This is my third post today  – the Like fish are not biting today. Must be a religious fish holiday or something: Bass Monday, Pike Tuesday, Troutmas, Sild (Lent), etc.


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