I am here but music takes me somewhere…I am here and music does nothing. This is just a short passage or two on music.

I am here writing this and realising that both statements are wrong. I can’t speak for you but when I put on a tune I stay exactly where I am…physically in atoms…anyway. The rest I can’t explain. How can a room be a room and then a different room with different people in it or with music playing? What is this phenomena called? Music? Attraction? Sympathy?

There are books on musicology but I haven’t the patience to read a whole 3 hundred pages when I could be listening to music from 300 different artists in the same time it takes…Think about it…What is your head for? It’s a microphone and speaker. And your ears are the most wondrous pieces of equipment. Imagine you were building a human from a kit on some human parts website. You have already given your human a digestive and reproductive system, a sympathetic nervous system with four senses sight, touch, taste, smell. Then you see on a page ‘Sound System’ You read the description.

Give your human the gift of sound. Ears with built in drum enable the detection of soundwaves from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. A Four stage system comprising Outer Ear, Middle ear, Inner Ear and Neuronal filters and direct sounds directly into the CNS of your human allowing it to experience the wonderful tapestry of sound perception i.e. pitch, duration, loudness, timbre, sonic texture and spatial location useful for a range of humans from leisure to military construction. Vocal folds in the larynx, lungs and articulators enable sounds to be synthesised by your human with a possible range of E2 to F6 in male models and F3 to C6 in females. Actual ranges will differ per individual human. Factory Fitted.£136.00. Add to cart.

You think this is OK and with a price tag to match you go for it. What a gift you have given your human!

But this gets away from the elements. Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Bear with me… Why does it seem easier to comprehend the power of music in elemental terms? Because like in the description of the build your human website shopping cart in the sound system feeds directly into the very heart of you – the immediate part. This is insufficient to explain the difference between opera and rock but imagine that you are a piece of earth, a pillar of fire, a wave, or the wind and then give each element qualities.Use them in your talk and you have a wonderfully rich mix of tonality. By mixing your four voices and experimenting with them, you will achieve different results. By exposing yourself to experimentation techniques, you will stimulate the brain into learning via observation, interview and analysis.


I don’t know I’m afraid. I’m only a writer with limited time on the  planet. I can’t know everything. But I do love music like its a part of me – a third leg to stand on if you like that sort of thing.

Just in case, I got you interested, here are some links on sound and music.




Here is some music I like




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