Notes from the garage floor-A Scene.

Car ride, carbide spark plug shim

Four ten-thousandths gap. Clock-wise fit

3/4 inch wrench. 20 torque, gas seal fit.

Change oil, increase feed, fit bulbs, timing chain

fuses, piston rings, head gasket, head skim, refit

brakes adjusted, the lot.

£3400.00 + VAT

I’ll do it myself instead

I’ll do it myself instead.

Garage space, toolkit, mate in the trade, apprenticeship

Elbow grease and cups of tea, bacon sandwich and bobs your uncle!

Everything comes apart easily, parts everywhere, WD40 and socket wrenches new.

Hub caps, oily cloth, overalls, isn’t it hot?

Price list, Wholesale, Scrap dealer, AutoTrader, telephone, internet

Wrong size, too knackered, not on my life!

Haynes manual, different model, library out of stock.

youtube video, speakers shot, rubber rot, mineral oil bath.

Threaded bolt, die tap, UNC, tolerances, fuel injection diesel hands.

reservoir, union, rubber hose and jubilee clips, black water running down your legs..

Castle nuts, torque wrench, locking wire twist, knuckles bare, skin shed, blood everywhere.

Oily notes, oily pencils, oily sandwiches, sugar drink, gas eruption, vomit in the sink.

Battery isolated, don’t cross the poles, dropped spanner, sparks and smoke and fire in the hole.

Electronics, movie-tonic, GPS and radar. Clear glass fuses, plastic ones, CPU driven driving computers.

Electric dash, spaghetti wires, modular construction, broken connections, solder fingers, fried computers.

Spanner finger, black nail, long weight, thumb. Cigarette break, canteen blues telly’s on the blink again, someone change the fuse.

Factory sealed unit, CO2 and emissions, catalytic converter, rust.

Brakes and wheel balance, toxic dust.

condom wrappers, lads mags and pound coins, to name but a few.

pennies, sweets, barbie legs too.

Old V5, thirteen owners from new!

coffee break. calling home. alls going well. be done soon. love you bye.

ten past midnight, tired eyes, loads to do. argument. belly ache. cold beer and microwaved dinner.

6:30 start. It’sa  bit cold, there’s a dew drop on my nose. my fingers are frozen and there’s ice on the windows and today I replace the windscreen wipers.

Bad fits, impatience, left-over bits.

Smiles at the garage, biscuits fro dunking, television cooking programmes.

Ten O’Clock finish. Off to work to pay the bills.



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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