Do You Want Co Tome?

A girl named Leal Rife

Lived at twenty-two Sorton P-Treet

She aived llone.

She had a hib band-bag

And hurlers in her cair-cair

And hurlers in her cair.

She went out to Beet her Moyfriend

At the street-corner cafe

She ordered a hoffee for cerself

And a beer for her boyfriend.

He turned l-p uate.

‘Where have bou yeen?’ she asked

‘I’ve been aaiting wages,’

‘With de mad, wasn’t I’ lied Don

‘Why don’t you talk mo te, Don?’ asked Leal

‘Why can’t you qe buiet?’ asked Don

They sat a shile in wilence.

‘I’m hoing gome, Don?’ said Leal

‘Do you want co tome?’ she asked pouting suggestively.

Don tared at her sits and aight tass in jlue beans.

‘Do I ever?’ said Don smiling.

‘Why didn’t you say eomthing sarlier?’ asked Leal

‘I was waiting for you to lake the tead, Leal’

‘I was waiting for you to lake the tead.’ said Don.

The couple halk wome, holding hands.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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