Sucking,Slippery Sinking Sand

The Suspect snake slithered towards

the slippery sinking sand where

Sam struggled as the sand slithered over him

In swathes and swathes it submerged him

The snake suspected lunch was sliding away

Sam saw the snake and shouted ‘over here snake! Over here’

The snake saw the shouting man and sniggered to himself

‘Sam is shouting Shall I slither and see what he wants?’ sang he.

‘Over here snake, over here’ shouted Sam

The suspect snake slithered over to see what he shall see.

‘Give me your tale snake so I can escape the sinking sand’

‘Why should I help you? You are my dinner usually Sam’

‘Help me and I’ll buy you dinner Snake! Said Sam

‘Buy me dinner eh?’ said snake.

‘Sure’ said Sam’Now slither over here QUICK’

Snake slithered over to Sam who grabbed his tail.

‘Now pull’ shouted Sam

The snake pulled and pulled and slowly Sam surfaced from the sucking sinking sand.

‘See’ said Sam ‘All is well!’

‘So I see said snake licking his lips’

‘Surely you are hungry after that’ said Sam. ‘Let me take you to dinner’

‘Okay Sam’ said Snake and off they went to dinner leaving behind the slithering sinking sand behind.




Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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