Madness Resumes Control!

Control and its many variations. Such utter..ances… make my nose… bleed.

I would rather Jack than Fleetwood Mac, as the saying goes.

But still here marooned on an alien planet with only home delivery to keep my sane and in the ‘game’. I now have a subscription to Amazon Prime and I am in the process of purchasing a new computer for gaming and 3D but also have a subscription to Virgin Media for telly Broadband and Phone and Spotify for music and various computers and thinking of adding a third. Then there is my tablet and smartphone – none of which really speak to each other. Isn’t it time for a change? A joined up solution?

Your comments would be welcome so long as they are not trolly or smutty.

Here is a little wishlist to give you some ideas

  • To be able to play Assassins creed or something like it in HD with min 2.1 sound on min 21″ screen
  • To be able to load and run Open Source 3D software like Blender for personal graphics projects.
  • To be able to listen to Spotify with min 2.1. speaker setup
  • To be able to get on the internet for work/study/pleasure separately
  • To be able to watch, record rewind television on min 24-inch screen and 2.1 speakers
  • To be able to open/ save edit Microsoft office documents like Word
  • To be able to make and receive calls (preferably for free) both at home and outside
  • To be able to use Microsoft and Android, Linux OS and Apps
  • Wifi.
  • Separate systems for bedroom cum study cum living room.

I would like to use my existing hardware:

Toshiba 870 17″ Laptop

Samsung 24 ” Monitor (For set top box)

Nice 2.1 speakers (one lesser set also for tv)

Windows 7 PC with dual core processor and 20″ screen. 4GB RAM


I am thinking that a new 2nd User PC with quad-core processor, 8GB RAM Graphics card, speakers and some 2nd user screens for multi-screen apps.

That would do for everything game wise and 3D too.

There really isn’t much choice on offer for my budget and A Home PC rental with TV Phone Mobile is not available yet (from my research).

I can dual boot linux on this PC maybe even triple boot with android (Bluestacks) although this would mean I would need a touchscreen for all those android games!

Well that’s about it. Sanity is back in charge.

But for how long?


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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