Crime Fighting Cop-Boss One Liners

I’m just zapping coffee and fighting crime.
This dirty city we live in. This dirty city of mine.
These aren’t people. They are the trash we take off the streets.
These people don’t recycle. They down cycle-everything they touch.
I put more effort into polishing my furniture than he has ever put into anything…
Comfortable? This place is death, even to rats that live here.
Fortune? Id like you to say sorry ten thousand times, you rat!
Innopportune moment? You killed the mother of a ten year old girl!
Scum? You are but the dust beneath the bannister of the stairs that descend into hell.
Sex. I’d rather spend eternity in Hell with a photo of raquel welch!
Services to the poor and needy? Compared to them with a soul you are the poor and the needy scum.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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