If Only I,

My limbs feel full of concrete and time is like a bead on a string,

I was reading the classics and their study and discovered

that the study of the classics in their original languages, i.e. ancient greek and latin seems the best way to really get a handle on what was written, rather than rely on someone else’s translation.

My enthusiasms were severely dampened by this. Why? Because as you might have guessed I, like Shakespeare before me, know only ‘ A little latin and less greek’ And you need to be a genius to learn latin. Right?

Wrong. I have found a course or series of courses teaching latin that seems to be very popular and that happens at a pace I think even I with my myriad of medical complaints can handle.

The course details can be found here. http://www.cambridgescp.com/main_entrance.php and is open to people the world over.

Thanks to The Telegraph for pointing me there.

If Only I had started thirty years ago…

In a separate development I joined the Classical Association yesterday from their website. http://classicalassociation.org/ and I am looking forward to find out what is going on in my local branch.

For those of you interested, you can find out a great deal more about the classics by visiting the following website.


There you will find information and links to further information as well as a reading list of books that may well get you hooked onto the Classics for life. I myself have just finished reading ‘Classics A Very Short Introduction’ which uses the Apollonian Temple at Bassae, Greece as a lens that takes you on a pit stop tour of the classics and associated disciplines today. Highly enjoyable reading.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading. Time  to say good bye in ancient greek and latin.

Ὑγιαίνετε! (ancient greek) Valete!(latin)


To be continued…

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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