I remember thinking that I will earn enough to keep me and mine in happiness  for as long as I live. And I also thought nothing of working hard to pay bills that I had accrued. Nothing was too much sacrifice. nothing was too much effort. I was happy giving.

I think my first credit card that allowed me to spend first think later was the beginning of the change. After the first one they came along as if my magic through my letter box telling me that I was pre-approved to spend another £1800.00, then £2500, then £4600. I got sort of caught up in it. At first, I was a cynic but some tectonic plate of thought shifted ever so slightly and suddenly the floodgates opened to cheap money, Hell free money.

So my decline began with a wallet full of offers and balance transfers. Next it was Credit hire agreements, then it was a mortgage and a remortgage. It lasted for about five years before I went bust.

I don’t know if there is a moral to this story except that its only the businesses running the show who profits, not the individual.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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